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Sandbridge Restaurants

Margie and Ray's Restaurant was established in 1964 as a small country store and tackle shop which was owned and operated by Ray and Margie Blanton. This landmark building located on a dirt road, now known as Sandbridge Road, served as a convenience store for local Sandbridge residents. The store was passed on to their son Thomas in 1997 where it was renovated into a small seafood restaurant. Over the past several years Margie and Ray's has become known as one of the top seafood establishments in the southern end of Virginia Beach. HOURS: **Closed Mondays** Open Tuesday thru Sunday 7 am - 9 pm Breakfast Served Daily Tuesday thru Friday 7 am - 11 am Saturday and Sunday 7 am - 1 pm

Location: 1240 Sandbridge Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456