Of course we love our community and beach in Sandbridge but it is always a happy moment to see Sandbridge recognized so everyone can discover why we feel that way. Ranked in the top 25 beaches by TripAdvisor, we think the only reason we did't...Read more
Knee deep in the midst of fixing up our new location and with 8500 square feet, it's been quite an adventure. Gail and I have thoroughly enjoyed selecting the new flooring, paint, and general design. I loved creating the layout and our initial floor plans...Read more
Whether you are considering a job transfer or you are looking to move somewhere that offers the most in the way of things to do, opportunities, and a potential for a great future, Virginia Beach is an exceptional choice. Voted #3 in Money Magazine's 10...Read more
We have loved being in our current location near the corner of Nimmo Pkwy and General Booth Blvd for many years, but we have continued to be blessed with so much growth each year that we've out-grown our little space! We take this as a...Read more
We are always working hard and busy in the sales department. You can always shop through our listings and ALL properties currently listed for sale at . Please visit our SALES page to see our agents and read all about our dynamic sales team...Read more
We enjoyed implementing keyless entry for all of our beach houses which enables our vacationing guests to skip the check-in process, standing in line, or sitting in the car, after an already long drive to get here. Getting our guests and their families straight to...Read more