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14 Nov 2018
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We enjoyed implementing keyless entry for all of our beach houses which enables our vacationing guests to skip the check-in process, standing in line, or sitting in the car, after an already long drive to get here. Getting our guests and their families straight to their beach houses has been great for everyone! But we weren't able to do that for Sandbridge condos because the individual condo associations must first approve allowing keyless entry and then decide which lock systems they will allow to be used.

We're happy to say after several years of encouraging this change, providing information on the various hardware and keyless lock systems, the Sanctuary Condos approved keyless entry. Now we are asking for the support of the individual condo owners to approve and purchase their association approved lock and we will happily assist in the installation. We know that the condos who offer keyless entry will be a hot commodity with vacationers, so we will be updating the amenities list on each condo page here on our website to list "Keyless Entry" as we convert each lock moving forward.