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10 Jan 2019
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Knee deep in the midst of fixing up our new location and with 8500 square feet, it's been quite an adventure. Gail and I have thoroughly enjoyed selecting the new flooring, paint, and general design. I loved creating the layout and our initial floor plans back in November. We think of this as Beach Pros Realty phase 2, meaning that we are taking the basic feel of our original space and redoing it with a few changes and updates and in a much larger area. From a big curved wall behind the front desk that will display an even bigger under sea mural, to the extra-large conference room with glass panel windows, what used to be a Tuesday Morning retail store, and a drug store before that, is turning into an amazing place for our Family business to continue to grow. Being built around 1983 and most recently sitting empty for more than 5 years, we had a lot of prep work to do before we could even start the new flooring and framing of walls.

We knew it was going to be a big job but we also know that success doesn't happen without hard work. Our maintenance department, including Alex and Bryan have been nothing short of AMAZING in helping to get this done. From power washing the bricks on the front of our building, in the chilly winter weather, so we could hang our banner this week, to spending hours chipping hundreds and hundreds of old tiles (thanks Alex, we love you) off the cement floor, our guys never stop impressing us! Let me brag about our office staff too who have been willing to get their hands dirty and do whatever it takes! Jonnie, Heather, and Diana have swept floors repeatedly, cleaned, and dragged countless piles of debris to the dumpster. Aimee has booked countless reservations and manned the phones and emails to free up everyone to help get this done quickly and keep our business booming! We've booked more reservations from December through Jan 10th than in any other year previously (thank you Aimee). Jonnie has coordinated all the contractors and planned out the individual jobs, which is a huge job in itself.

We're most excited to pour the new deep blue epoxy resin floors with swirls of green and turquoise. With all the extra square footage we now have room for our own laundry facilities and linen storage that will allow us to do our own linen services for our guests, which is a huge step for us. Our sales department is enjoying new growth as well with new agents coming aboard and plenty of space for our Realtors to use the plethora of space we will now have and the spacious conference room for closings and meetings. Housekeeping now has plenty of space for everything necessary to stay organized, and keep our cleaners happy and informed too. Our maintenance department has a very large space for working on all their projects, store everything, and more.

We are excited to announce our Grand Opening. We'll do that soon for this coming Spring and let everyone see the finished product. We're immensely grateful to those people who believed in us so many years ago and gave us our first 11 beach homes and condos to manage, as well as all of those who came along after and helped us continue to succeed. I recall early on in July 2010, a phone call came into our emergency line, after 6pm, from a family who arrived to check in with another management company, only to be told they didn't have a beach house to check-in to and they had no other vacancies where they could place them. This family was devastated. Although our office was closed and we only had ONE property that wasn't rented at the time, we knew we had to make something happen for this family with 4 children. That one property was a 4 bedroom condo, that at the time, was a model home For Sale, and wasn't set up as a vacation rental. But we knew we had to do something. Every one of us, from our company owners, reservations staff, and maintenance employees, came back to the office to help. We headed to Walmart and Target and bought everything they needed from kitchen items and small appliances to hair dryers and bedding, and even some surprises for the kids. We worked until 10 PM to give that family their vacation that summer. For us, helping others is what it's all about in life and in business. We have worked very hard to go above and beyond for our homeowners, our buyers and sellers, and our vacationing guests.

As we all work together building this new office, we look forward to continuing this way of doing business for all those who choose to believe in us and do business with our family in the future. I'm very proud to have a team of great people working for us who operate more like a family, get excited with us, work hard with us, and do the jobs that need doing regardless of the task itself. We hope to see you at our Grand Opening this Spring. This has been an overwhelming, exciting, and busy way to start the New Year!