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You've come to the right place! "We've never seen a rental history we couldn't improve upon" is what our owner, Gail Bucker, will tell you, and it's true. See below what our happy clients have to say about how Beach Pros Realty has been able to increase their return while minimizing their expenses and make their experience with property management a breeze.  Gail and Tom live on the oceanfront in Sandbridge and have owned 8 homes in the neighborhood since 1989. Unlike the employees you may be  dealing with at one of the bigger companies,  Gail and Tom have actually owned rental homes in Sandbridge and they know first-hand what it feels like to be a homeowner working with a property management firm. That experience gives them a unique perspective.    
In early 2010, while assembling the Beach Pros Realty business model, one of the first changes Gail Bucker wanted to make was to stop charging the home owner for linen rentals.  “Those bills are astronomical and it seemed to be going up every year!”  So, we not only provide the linens at no charge to the homeowner we also make the beds for free.  “Nobody wants to make beds while they are on vacation!”  These two significant changes to the norm in property management are just  a couple of unique differences with Beach Pros Realty unless our competitors have decided, by the time you read this, to change their policy.  Be aware that if they are saying they have free linens by adding the cost into your weekly rate and then taking it back out…that means you are still paying for the linens. Any increase in the rate should be coming to YOU the homeowner.   So an FYI!  There have been some false claims out there so keep an eye on  your bottom line.   We are the company among the competition who made Free Linens to homeowners happen and we’re glad we can do it!  We know how we would like to have been treated as homeowners and that is how we conduct our business…by the Golden Rule. 
At Beach Pros Realty, it is a team effort and we work hand in hand with each of our owners to ensure that their home is cared for and maintained properly and in a way that ensures happy guests who return year after year.   See those real letters from real clients, below! 


About Us

Gail and Tom Bucker, Broker / Owners at Beach Pros Realty and award winning REALTORS live on the oceanfront in Sandbridge Beach and began investing in homes and condos in 1989. Since that time the Buckers' have owned 8 homes, 6 of which were rental homes. Having done business with the other two major realty companies as rental homeowners, the Buckers' felt strongly that they could implement a business model to perform, as a property management firm, a better job for the homeowners while simultaneously enhancing the vacationers experience for more repeat business. Repeat business is the life blood of any successful business which can only be achieved through friendly more personalized service.

In April of 2010, Gail and Tom decided to form their own firm with this goal of excellent customer service. "We care about our homeowner's homes the same way we care about our own. "Beach Pros Realty rented their owners' condos and homes fully. With Gail's background in sales and advertising and Tom's background in sales and marketing, they truly are The Beach Pros that they have become renowned for. Christi "Bucker" Rhodes, is on the team in not only sales but in management. It's all about family at Beach Pros Realty.

If, as a homeowner, you feel your costs are increasing while the level of your service and care taken of your home has're an excellent candidate to come in the Beach Pros Realty office and get the details on how Beach Pros business model saves you literally thousands of dollars a year over your present company, rent your home more efficiently and provide a great business building strategy to enhance the vacationer experience. There is much good will that is set forth for homeowners in this friendly family beach environment. "We don't charge our homeowners for every single little thing or sit around the office making up reasons to send people bills," Gail says. "It really felt like that when we were the home owners with the other rental companies. We take care of your home as if it is our own and we treat our homeowners like we'd like to be treated."

Gail and Tom have been Circle of Excellence winners every year since they began in real estate sales. "We provide the same excellence now in property management," states Tom. "From our family to yours, we look forward to giving you the great service you deserve!" says Gail. Call for an appointment to discuss your home and experience a fresh new approach to property management here at Beach Pros Realty.

#1 Top Selling Platinum Team Award in all Hampton Roads 2005

#3 Top Sales Agent in all Hampton Roads 2005

Hampton Roads Realtors Association "Rookie of the Year" 2002

HRRA Platinum Circle of Excellence Awards 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

HRRA Pinnacle Team Award 2007

HRRA Gold Team Award 2008

HRRA Bronze Team Award 2009

HRRA Silver Team Award 2010

HRRA Platinum Circle of Excellence Award 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

HRRA Diamond Circle of Excellence Award 2016